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Anishinaabe Bizindamoo Makak --airs every third Thursday at 5 p.m.
Welcome to Anishinaabe Radio! The host is Erik Redix, Ojibwe Language Director at Oshki Ogimaag in Grand Portage. A bilingual approach to storytelling, the show features Ojibwe first speakers telling stories in English and...
Ice climbing on the North Shore is definitely thinking outside of the canoe. Photo courtesy of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply
From May to November, canoeing is the talk of the North Shore and the Boundary Waters area. Rightfully so, as the region is in the heart of canoe country.

However, the opportunities for outdoor recreation in Cook County and the Lake Superior region are ample. With that in mind, WTIP...
2ndSaturdays @ 3pm
Fridays @ 8pm
Among many other things, the Baby Boomer generation will be remembered for its music. Boomer Jam is a two-hour program that brings you selections from the many genres of music known by Baby Boomers such as Rock, Folk-Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Soul and...
Sundays @ 6pm
Sunday evenings on WTIP are all about country music and listeners have grown to expect the very best.  Classic Country hosts love country music and feature a wide variety from all eras and genres, including bluegrass, gospel, mountain music, and 70's country much...
1st, 3rd and 5thThursdays @ 7pm
On the first Thursday of every month from 7-8 p.m. WTIP hosts a live interactive conversation on an issue of community importance. Guests are invited into the studio and listeners are invited to call in or email with questions, comments, and concerns. This participatory program is designed to give...
Mondays @ 7am
Tuesdays @ 7am
Wednesdays @ 7am
Thursdays @ 7am
Fridays @ 7am
Join the WTIP News Staff for a program packed with news, music and some humor.  This program covers politics, local news and issues. DayBreak airs 7-8 a.m. on weekdays.
Elements logo
Featured on:
North Shore Morning
Elements is a series produced between WTIP and North House Folk School focusing on the natural materials found in our environment used in traditional Northern crafts.  Each episode takes a look at natural materials of our environment and how they're used to create basic things people need...
Sundays @ 7am

Each week Lil Fisher and John Morrin, both Anishinaabe, bring you an hour of contemporary and traditional music featuring Native American performers. This program has a long history on WTIP and is a listener favorite.


It Happens Here_small
WTIP is taking a deeper look at who we are as a community. Part of the effort is our commitment to learn more about the history of where we live here on the North Shore—from a time long before the first towns were established and the first European settlers arrived. We’ll be digging...
Wednesdays @ 4pm
Saturdays @ 2pm
Jazz music with a variety of...
Idyllic atmosphere during WTIP's 6th annual Radio Waves Music Festival, September 6-8, 2013 (Carah Thomas)
WTIP regularly hosts live in-studio music. We feature local musicians, groups and bands as well as musicians and bands visiting the area.

3rdSaturdays @ 3pm
Featured on:
North Shore Morning
WTIP is pleased to debut a new feature on North Shore Morning.

“Mindfulness Monday” is a bimonthly feature by the Local Mental Health Advisory Council.

Mondays @ 8pm
Monday Night Mix is one of WTIP’s most eclectic musical programs. Hosts change every week and each bring their own set of musical tastes and knowledge to the program.
Mondays @ 8am
Tuesdays @ 8am
Wednesdays @ 8am
Thursdays @ 8am
Fridays @ 8am
News and information, interviews, weather, upcoming events, music, school news, and many special features. North Shore Morning includes our popular trivia question - Pop Quiz! The North Shore Morning program is the place to connect with the people, culture and events of our region!

Mondays @ 12pm
Mondays @ 5pm
Tuesdays @ 12pm
Tuesdays @ 5pm
Wednesdays @ 12pm
Wednesdays @ 5pm
Thursdays @ 12pm
Thursdays @ 5pm
Fridays @ 12pm
The North Shore News Hour includes up-to-the minute weather, North Shore happenings in local news, sports and entertainment, as well as a variety of features from WTIP staff and volunteers. If you miss the North Shore News Hour at noon, tune in for a replay Monday...
Saturdays @ 7am
Host CJ Heithoff brings you this Saturday morning show, created at the request of WTIP listeners.  North Shore Weekend features three hours of community information, features, interviews, and music. It's truly a great way to start your weekend on the North Shore. Arts,...
2ndThursdays @ 7pm

Northern Gardening covers a variety of gardening topics relevant to our northern climate. The program airs on the second Thursday of each month from 7-8...
Jess Koski
Featured on:
North Shore Morning
Writer Jess Koski is a Grand Portage tribal member and dispatches his “Jessays,” from his home on the shore of Lake Superior, in Chi Oni Gaming.
Tuesdays @ 7pm
Peter Igoe has been with WTIP for a long time and he’s an expert on vintage radio dramas and comedy. Each week he brings an hour of old-time radio that may include “The Saint,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “Dragnet,” “Fibber McGee and Molly” and others...
5thSaturdays @ 3pm
Sundays @ 5pm
Sunday afternoons are perfect for Polka.  WTIP hosts roll out regional and national bands for an hour of traditional and contemporary polka and related music.  So tune in and get ready to polka...
Saturdays @ 7pm
WTIP hosts enjoy playing a wide variety of music.
Fridays @ 6pm
A showcase of local and regional...
Cook County Vikings basketball.  Photo by Tim Young.
Since 1998, WTIP has aired a variety of live local sports throughout the year, showing support for area teams and bringing games to those who otherwise may not have access.  Sports broadcasts on WTIP have grown into a service that is depended upon and greatly appreciated...
Mondays @ 10am
Tuesdays @ 10am
Wednesdays @ 10am
Thursdays @ 10am
Fridays @ 10am

Will Moore host two hours of music from a variety of genres. The music reflects the eclectic tastes of WTIP listeners and ranges from blues to bluegrass, from celtic to country, and beyond.  Sidetracks has become a must-listen-to program, airing weekday mornings from 10:00 -...

Fridays @ 7pm
Small Change is WTIP’s weekly one-hour call-in trivia show. Each week WTIP hosts throw out trivia questions in a variety of genres and teams and individuals in radio land gear up with their speed dials and answers ready in this action-packed program. That’s 387-1070 or...
Sundays @ 9pm
Sacred and reflective music is featured on this Sunday evening program.  BJ Muus is the veteran host and he weaves music from a number of sacred traditions, including “Sing for Joy," a half-hour of Christian music from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota....
Sundays @ 10.5pm
Tuesdays @ 10pm

Two hours of Chamber music on String Theory each week from the studios at WTIP where we takes you through Chamber Music in a chronological order from some of the earliest to some of the latest.​.

Lin Salisbury
4thThursdays @ 7pm
Tune in on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. to hear new editions of "Superior...
Sundays @ 4pm
Mondays @ 6am
Tuesdays @ 6am
Wednesdays @ 6am
Thursdays @ 6am
Fridays @ 6am
Host Bill Burkhardt has presented Swing Session for several years to an ever-growing group of loyal listeners. This hour-long program is exclusive to WTIP and centers around the big band music of the 1930s and '40s.
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5thSundays @ 8am
Doug Seim (or on occasion, Carl Solander) is the host for a program every Sunday morning program centering on Gospel Music, some of the most-beloved American music, loved by religious and secular folks alike. During this special two hours, Doug brings you Gospel that goes back to its roots and...
Fridays @ 4pm
The Roadhouse is a volunteer-produced music show with a special focus on the weekend, featuring local event and music announcements and a fun music mix. Hosted by a rotating cast of volunteers including Tracy Benson, Julie Carlson, Brian Neil and Dave TerSteeg.
Minnesota's North Shore stretches from Duluth to the Canadian border. Known for its dramatic and pristine natural landscape, the area also has a history as unique and diverse as its geography. In this WTIP series, producer Martha Marnocha invites listeners to join her on a retrospective...
Immerse yourself in the world of classical music every Tuesday evening from 8 to 10 PM on WTIP.  From the Baroque to the Classical to the Romantic eras, modern composers and new recordings too, hear favorite pieces picked by our local hosts of Tuesday Classics.  
Wednesdays @ 8pm
Cool jazz is the norm on Wednesday nights as the WTIP jazz crew provides two hours of jazz music. You will hear jazz greats from the US and beyond as the hosts scour the available music to create programs with just the right selections.
Cook County line. Submitted photo
Since our very first broadcast, WTIP Community Radio has enjoyed interacting with the youth of our community.

We have had young people in the studio for youth radio projects and to give us the latest school news report. We have reported on sporting events, plays, and of course...
Sundays @ 2pm
This Sunday afternoon program (2-4 pm) celebrates the music written by and/or performed by women throughout the world.