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Will Moore host two hours of music from a variety of genres. The music reflects the eclectic tastes of WTIP listeners and ranges from blues to bluegrass, from celtic to country, and beyond.  Sidetracks has become a must-listen-to program, airing weekday mornings from 10:00 - noon. 

What's On:

Axtell plays live on Sidetracks

The duo of Julian Hernandez and Katrina Axtell return to WTIP for one more performance before they return to Buenos Aires, Argentina. They share their songs as they speak with host Will Moore about their successful summer tour, unexpected shows, new songs, and tell the story of a song request getting misinterpreted between generations.


Radio Waves Music Festival, Photo by Stephan Hoglund

Local Music Project: 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival

LMP_2013 Radio Waves Music Festival FINAL.mp313.45 MB
Plans for WTIP’s 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival are underway.  In this edition of the Local Music Project we’ll learn more about the history of the festival, hear sounds from the last year’s event and get a preview of  what to expect for the 2013 Radio Waves Music Festival.