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Powering Down

Will Moore

Powering Down is a series that takes a look at Cook County residents who live "off the grid". It explores their choices to downsize or use alternative energy and the lifestyle changes that come with it.

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Kent Jones and Nick Vavrichek and their solar panels

Powering Down with Nick and Kent

Powering Down is a series on WTIP looking at off-grid life and the use of alternative energy in Cook County. In this segment, the series returns with a look at the journey of two people familiar to fans of WTIP's Small Change show, Nick Vavrichek and Kent Jones, and their energy journey upon moving up north.


Doug Turner with his solar array

Powering Down - Doug Turner

A former firefighter from Columbia, Missouri, Doug Turner is a WTIP jazz host and a man endlessly fascinated by science. He converted his Gunflint Trail home to full solar power and shares his story of going off-grid up the Trail, the life changes he's made, and how a "dorky hobby" of his led him to get interested in the project.


Art and Beth Kidd with their solar powered greenhouse - Photo by Will Moore

Powering Down - Off Grid with Art and Beth Kidd

Powering Down is a new series on WTIP taking a look at off-grid lifestyles and homes using alternative energy in Cook County. Art and Beth Kidd claim to be among the first people to choose wind and solar power in the area and share their experiences of living off-grid for several decades. They talk about the early challenges, the growth of green technology, and the adaptations of a daily routine that come with "the simple life".