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Gunflint Notebook

Steve Ramberg
Steve lives on the Gunflint Trail with his family. His ongoing audio series, “Gunflint Notebook,” highlights life on the Trail. Steve has a knack for tackling big issues with a gentle touch. The Gunflint Notebook can be heard about twice per month on WTIP. Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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What's On:

Gunflint Notebook: The Lonestar

GFN_Final Mix_Lonestar_12-16-14.mp312.96 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, WTIP volunteer commentator Steve Ramberg remembers his grandfather's boat, the Lonestar.



Gunflint Notebook: Traveling Rough Roads

GFN_roughroad_20140415_finalcut.mp36.5 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, WTIP volunteer commentator Steve Ramberg reflects on rough roads, from a driving perspective, as well as in our personal lives....

(Photo by John Piercy on Flickr)



Gunflint Notebook: The Bucket List

Gunflint_Notebook_mooseskinning_Finalcut_20130424.mp35.3 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, WTIP volunteer commentator Steve Ramberg thinks about "bucket lists," and finds himself helping a friend skin a roadkill moose.  



Gunflint Notebook: Closing and Opening Doors

GunflintNotebook_Door_Feb18.mp39.45 MB

Steve shares famous quotes and his own ideas about closing and opening doors, in this edition of Gunflint Notebook.


Gunflint Notebook: Taking It Slow

BWCA_Kids_20120918.mp39.8 MB

As summer comes to a close, Steve heads out on a canoe trip with his kids in the BWCAW. In this edition of Gunflint Notebook, Steve catches up on the small things that we often overlook in the grind of everyday life.


Gunflint Notebook: New Car

Gunflint_Notebook_finalcut_20120611.mp34.06 MB

In this edition of Gunflint Notebook,  Steve looks at getting a new-to-me new car and being recognized by your vehicle in a small town.


Gunflint Notebook: Hitting Deer

Finalcut_HittingDeer_20120410.mp34.19 MB

In the edition of the Gunflint Notebook, there are those that HAVE hit a deer with their car and there are those that WILL hit a deer with their car. Just a few weeks ago, Steve's time came due.


Gunflint Notebook: Fat as insulation

Finalcut_GunflintNotebook_Fat_20120222.mp39.32 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook Steve contemplates fat. Is it possible that standing outside in the cold of a Minnesota winter could become the new fad diet? Get Steve’s take on that in more in the Notebook.



Gunflint Notebook: Running With Moose

Finalcut_RunningWithMoose_20111220.mp311.6 MB

In this edition of the Gunflint Notebook, Steve delves into a story about his morning routine that’s anything but ordinary. Many people start their day with a jog, but not too many folks can say they’ve run with moose!


Gunflint Notebook: Pressure

Pressure_finalcut_GFN_20111025.mp39.51 MB

This time of year is a season of preparation. It's a race against the clock, the clock of seasonal change. It happens quick. The list of things “To Do” adds pressure cooker-type pressure which Steve is feeling in this edition of Gunflint Notebook.